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Why Choose to Hire Helicopter

Unlock a world of unparalleled advantages by opting for helicopter hire services. Whether it’s for business or leisure, the benefits of choosing a helicopter charter in Australia are boundless. 

Efficiency: Experience swift and direct transportation, effortlessly bypassing traffic and traditional travel constraints.

Flexibility: Enjoy the luxury of personalized schedules, saving you precious time and offering unmatched flexibility.

Access: Reach remote and secluded locations seamlessly, expanding your travel possibilities.

Luxury: Elevate your journey with comfort, speed, and sophistication, ensuring a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

H2: Our Helicopter Services?

Explore the diverse range of helicopter services we offer to cater to your specific needs:

Corporate Helicopter: Elevate your business travel with our corporate helicopter services, ensuring efficient and stylish transportation for your executive needs.

Helicopter Platforms (Aerial Photography and Filming): Capture breathtaking moments from the sky with our helicopter platforms, perfect for aerial photography and filming projects.

Private Scenic Helicopter Flights: Indulge in a personalized and luxurious scenic experience with our private helicopter flights, providing stunning aerial views of Australia’s landscapes.

Helicopters for Tours: Embark on unforgettable tours with our helicopter services, offering a unique perspective and access to some of the most scenic and remote locations.

Featured Helicopters

Mobile Featured Aircraft
Robinson R44
Robinson R44
From $1,200 / per flight hour
Bankstown / Sydney
Eurocopter EC120
Eurocopter EC120
From $2,200 / per flight hour
Bankstown / Sydney
Eurocopter EC120
Eurocopter EC130
From $2,800 / per flight hour
Bankstown / Sydney
EC135 Helicopter
Phenom 300E
From $4,000 / per flight hour
Essendon, VIC Based

Helicopter Charter Categories

Single Piston Engine
Dollar Symbol
Light Helicopters such as the Robinson R22 and R44 and powered by a single piston powered engine. This type of helicopter can be very weigh limited and are primarily used for scenic flights and pilot training.
Single Engine Turbine
2 Dollar Symbol
Helicopters such as the Bell Jetranger, Bell Longranger, Eurocopter EC120 and 130 are all powered by a single gas turbine powerplant. Turbines engines are generally much more reliable and provide much more power.
Twin Engine Turbine
3 Dollar Symbol
The Agusta A109, Eurocopter EC135 are examples of Helicopters that are powered by twin gas turbine engine. These Helicopter can legally operate charter during most weather conditions and also at night. Twin Engine helicopters are extremely reliable and can carry a much heavier payload.

Some Amazing Air Charter Locations

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