Pilatus PC12

Private Jet

Light Twin Engine

Light twin engine aircraft are the entry-level charter option. They are suitable for small groups and can generally fly in most weather condition and at night.

Designed and manufactured by the Swiss aerospace company Pilatus PC 12 aircraft, it is a favorite among business executives and regional operators alike. 

With a maximum cruising speed of approximately 285 knots and a range of around 1,500 nautical miles, this aircraft can swiftly connect a variety of destinations. 

One of the PC-12’s standout features is its spacious cabin, which can comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers, depending on the configuration. Its interior can be customized to suit various needs, from corporate travel with luxurious appointments to medical configurations with stretchers and life-saving equipment. Furthermore, the large cargo door facilitates the transport of oversized items, and the PC-12 can be quickly converted from passenger to cargo mode.

The aircraft’s short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities enable it to operate from runways as short as 2,400 feet. This feature, combined with its ability to land on unpaved runways, provides access to airports and airstrips that are off-limits to many other aircraft. Such versatility is invaluable for reaching remote or underserved regions.

Its advanced avionics suite includes the latest in navigation and safety systems, enhancing situational awareness and safety during flight. 

In terms of pricing, the PC-12 offers a competitive balance of performance and affordability. Its relatively low acquisition and operational costs, coupled with its fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance, make it an economically attractive option for operators.

PC12 Interior
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charter flights australia

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